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Converting your website visitors into leads should be intuitive. With Ignite, it is


What our customers are saying

I honestly can't say enough good things about Launch Labs. The onboarding process was super easy and smooth. Even before launching campaigns, we're gaining valuable insights. Ignite is clear and simple, intuitive even.

Marketing Lead

Mattress Retailer

Integrating Ignite has truly transformed Teft Media's services, delivering instant value across the board. The Launch Labs team has been fantastic in collaborating to maximize the potential of this technology for our clients.


Teft Media

When we compared the return rate of Ignite visitors with our current retargeting efforts, we immediately noticed an increase in returning visitors and more leads. Ignite works, we grossed over $44,000 in our first month in new and used vehicles, and picked up more than $14,500 in service revenue. We are on pace to gross more in month two.

General Manager

Atlanta Honda Dealership


How It Works

With Ignite, you will collect more information from your website users without forcing them to fill out a form, engage visitors with personalized content, and convert leads with compelling offers.


A visitor lands on your site.

A visitor lands on your site.
Space travel now accessible

A popup prompts them to share their location.


Ignite identifies, loads information, and engages with personalized messaging.

Discover your next destination
Visitor profiles are seamlessly converted

Visitor profiles are seamlessly converted into leads and sent directly to your CRM, complete with detailed behavior information.


Get more for less

No more form fatigue, manual entry, or dealing with bad data. Ignite streamlines the process, making it easy—for both you and your visitors.
Plus Ignite goes above and beyond by providing deep insights into your visitors’ website journey that can further skyrocket the revenue potential of your website visitors.
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Converting your website visitors into leads should be intuitive. With Ignite it is.


Frequently askedquestions

How does Ignite identify website users?

Identity resolution is the practice of connecting and consolidating all the identifiers of an individual that may exist on multiple platforms and devices and mapping them to one person. This allows brands to better leverage the data they already have on their customers, thus enabling the ability to gain unparalleled recognition and insights.

What are Ignite’s personalization capabilities?

Ignite makes it easier than ever to engage site visitors with personalized offers. Sure, there are likely universal messages that would appeal to all of your visitors, but we believe it is crucial to create layers of strategic, custom messaging, so Ignite provides the power of personalization by effectively using the first-party data you’re collecting to tailor on-site offers, retargeting, emails, SMS, and dynamic landing pages.

Does Ignite work on mobile?

Short answer: Yes! Long answer? We know you need mobile conversions. After all, half of website traffic is from a mobile device, yet mobile conversion rates are traditionally much lower than desktop conversion rates. Ignite eliminates barriers to mobile conversion with 1-tap lead technology. Users don’t even have to enter their mobile number—they just click an offer button and Ignite will do the rest by grabbing their number, building out their identity record, and sending everything to your CRM.

Is Ignite GDPR compliant?

Yes. For more information, see our privacy policy.

Is Ignite CCPA compliant?

Yes! While CCPA is an ever-evolving law, we're following it closely and going beyond what's required.

Do you sell lists or audiences for marketing purposes?

No. Never.

Does Ignite have reporting and analytics?

Ignite gathers robust data, delivering clear and insightful reporting to effectively evaluate your marketing investment. With Ignite, you gain insights into leads generated, sales conversions, attribution reporting, and more. Additionally, Ignite provides insight into audience behaviors, fostering a deep understanding of visitor preferences. The combination of the data collected by Ignite and the smart marketing tools it provides ensures that your tactics are consistently effective to maximize the return on your investment.