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Transforming website visitors into sales just got a whole lot easier with Ignite—our friction-free technology designed for both you and your visitors.


What our customers are saying

I honestly can't say enough good things about Launch Labs. The onboarding process was super easy and smooth. Even before launching campaigns, we're gaining valuable insights. Ignite is clear and simple, intuitive even.

Marketing Lead

Mattress Retailer

Integrating Ignite has truly transformed Teft Media's services, delivering instant value across the board. The Launch Labs team has been fantastic in collaborating to maximize the potential of this technology for our clients.


Teft Media

When we compared the return rate of Ignite visitors with our current retargeting efforts, we immediately noticed an increase in returning visitors and more leads. Ignite works, we grossed over $44,000 in our first month in new and used vehicles, and picked up more than $14,500 in service revenue. We are on pace to gross more in month two.

General Manager

Atlanta Honda Dealership


How Ignite works

Gain actionable insights to drive the sales you've been striving for.


Collect your website users’ behaviors to build audience segments

No more waiting for your website visitors to fill out a form. With Ignite, you collect their information and track their actions from the moment they land on your site.

Collect your website users’ behaviors to build audience segments


Engage site visitors with targeted, personalized content and offers.

Optimize your marketing with custom, automated offers tailored to users' specific intentions. Fulfill your dream of captivating site visitors with tailored content and irresistible incentives.

Engage site visitors with targeted, personalized content and offers.


Convert site visitors into leads who are ready to buy.

Wow your sales team as Ignite elevates leads who have claimed your promos and are ready to move forward with their purchase. Your influence on their buying decision is stronger than ever.

Convert site visitors into leads who are ready to buy.

Do more with your data

In Ignite, you have complete ownership of all first-party marketing data. Utilize this data to elevate your sales opportunities through direct mail, SMS chatbots, and email.


You can also leverage your existing buyer data to attract more site visitors with similar purchase intent! Talk about a major marketing win for your bottom line.
Talk about a major marketing win for your bottom line.
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Frequently askedquestions

What is Ignite, and what is it used for? 

Ignite by Launch Labs is a platform that improves website, marketing, and advertising performance. It’s all about streamlining data collection so you can foster meaningful engagement with leads and optimize sales conversion rates.

Who can use Ignite?

Marketers use Ignite’s wealth of insights to enhance their understanding of where marketing and advertising strategies will wield the most influence on sales outcomes. With these insights at their disposal, teams can uncover prime opportunities for implementing additional strategies—elevating the potential for even better results. Ignite is a marketer’s go-to ally in unraveling the secrets to marketing success!

Business owners and their sales teams rely on the insights from Ignite’s leads to gain a deeper understanding of their prospects' interests. This increased knowledge contributes to higher success rate when contacting leads, which is aided by the precision of the phone number included in every lead file.

Agencies elevate their offers and services with Ignite, boosting value and ramping up sales volumes by extracting maximum value from every website visitor generated through their advertising strategies. Using Ignite across their client roster means every visitor represents a newly attainable sales opportunity.

Does Launch Labs provide ongoing support?

Yes! All of our plans include support through a dedicated customer success and support team. We’re committed to your success, and our team will make sure we’re always delivering value.

Will Ignite integrate with my CRM?

Ignite integrates with the most widely used CRMs, including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Hubspot, Pipedrive, and more. Shoot us a message at if you’d like to confirm your CRM’s compatibility.

How can I use my contacts from Ignite?

Ignite contacts are yours to advertise and market across various digital ad platforms while retaining the ability to attribute the lead to its original source—Ignite. What sets Ignite apart is its pricing structure; unlike other similar tools, ad costs are not built in. This flexibility allows you to extend the impact of leads generated from Ignite across multiple platforms to deliver more value for less.

As an agency, how can I work with Launch Labs?


We offer an agency partner program designed to help agencies like yours thrive. Through this program, you can gain access to resources and support to help you leverage Ignite's capabilities and deliver exceptional results for your clients. For more on our agency partner program, see our partner program page.