Atlanta Honda Dealership Case Study

"When we compared the return rate of Ignite visitors with our current retargeting efforts, we immediately noticed an increase in returning visitors and more leads. Ignite works. We grossed over $44,000 in our first month in new and used vehicles, and picked up more than $14,500 in service revenue. We are on pace to gross more in month two."

General Manager

Atlanta Honda Dealership

Atlanta Honda Dealership Case Study


Confronted with the task of optimizing their existing advertising budget, the Metro Atlanta Honda dealer set ambitious goals for improvement. Their primary focus was amplifying sales opportunities for both new and used vehicle inventory with a secondary objective of optimizing service lane occupancy.


Upon embracing Ignite, the dealer witnessed a swift and substantial impact. In their first 30 days of leveraging the  technology, Ignite delivered impressive visitor return rates and, most importantly, immediately elevated lead volume. 

Ignite’s custom analytics accurately anticipated shoppers’ interests, pinpointing specific makes and models for dynamic reengagement through on-site offers, email, SMS, retargeting, and dynamic landing pages. Website visitors became more engaged than ever and personalized offers moved leads forward in their purchasing journey.

Achieving similar results through traditional advertising methods would have required an additional over $10,000 of additional expenditure based on the dealership’s previous efforts.

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