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Capturing leads for your clients has never been easier.


Build Lasting Client Relationships

Embrace our friction-free approach to simplify your marketing efforts and achieve results across your entire client roster.

A Clear Path to Monthly Recurring Revenue

Ignite's value paves the way for dependable, retainer-based relationships, ensuring a steady stream of monthly recurring revenue.

Provide Immediate Value to Your Clients

Showcase the impact of your hard work by providing clients with measurable results through comprehensive lead-to-revenue reporting.

Become an Indispensable Partner

Strengthen connections and elevate your agency by becoming an essential component of their lead generation ecosystem.


Partnership Tiers

Our partnership tiers, as outlined, require a minimum annual commitment, along with other specified requirements.


Lift Off
Less than 15 sites on Ignite
Quickstart Onboarding Guide & Support
Marketing & Sales Collateral
Sales Support
Sales Incentive Program


15+ Sites Utilizing Ignite
Dedicated Account Manager
On-Site Team Training
Implementation Support
Featured Placement on Website and Co-Marketing Opportunities
Sales Support


30+ Sites Utilizing Ignite
Dedicated Account Manager
On-Site Team Training
Implementation Support
Featured Placement on Website and Co-Marketing Opportunities
Sales Support
Inclusion in Early Product Beta
Eligibility for Membership in Client Advisory Board
VIP Travel Incentives
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What our customers are saying

I honestly can't say enough good things about Launch Labs. The onboarding process was super easy and smooth. Even before launching campaigns, we're gaining valuable insights. Ignite is clear and simple, intuitive even.

Marketing Lead

Mattress Retailer

Integrating Ignite has truly transformed Teft Media's services, delivering instant value across the board. The Launch Labs team has been fantastic in collaborating to maximize the potential of this technology for our clients.


Teft Media

When we compared the return rate of Ignite visitors with our current retargeting efforts, we immediately noticed an increase in returning visitors and more leads. Ignite works, we grossed over $44,000 in our first month in new and used vehicles, and picked up more than $14,500 in service revenue. We are on pace to gross more in month two.

General Manager

Atlanta Honda Dealership

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Frequently askedquestions

Can we white label Ignite and market it as our own technology?

Yes! You can brand Ignite and use it across your client base as your own tech solution.

How does Launch Labs support its agency partners?

Launch Labs provides comprehensive support to agencies—everything from marketing and sales support to platform assistance for clients.

Is Ignite compatible with other marketing and sales software?

Yes, Ignite is designed to complement your existing tech stack. It’s not only compatible with any CMS but incredibly easy to set up. We’re talking less than 5 minutes to have Ignite up and running on a site. Plus Ignite feeds information directly to CRM to make it easy for sales teams to act upon their new marketing data.

Does Ignite have reporting and analytics?

Ignite gathers robust data, delivering clear and insightful reporting to effectively evaluate your marketing investment. With Ignite, you gain insights into leads generated, sales conversions, attribution reporting, and more. Additionally, Ignite provides insight into audience behaviors, fostering a deep understanding of visitor preferences. The combination of the data collected by Ignite and the smart marketing tools it provides ensures that your tactics are consistently effective to maximize the return on your investment.