Teft Media Case Study

"Integrating Ignite has truly transformed Teft Media's services, delivering instant value across the board. The Launch Labs team has been fantastic in collaborating to maximize the potential of this technology for our clients."


Teft Media

Teft Media Case Study


Teft Media provides an array of marketing services, including website development, traditional media, and consulting. Close collaboration highlighted that the main obstacle in marketing and sales for their clients was generating qualified leads. Despite trying different solutions, finding a reliable resolution proved challenging and maintaining lead quality remained a persistent issue.


Enter Ignite by Launch Labs—a valuable addition to Teft Media's service suite, providing instant benefits to their clients. Ignite stands out from other lead generation strategies and tools by providing the ability to retarget and convert website visitors who are unwilling to submit a form online.

By white-labeling Ignite, Teft Media strategically integrated the technology into its service portfolio, boosting its value and enhancing service retention. Ignite seamlessly integrates with clients' CRMs and complements the digital ad and email marketing strategies implemented by Teft Media on behalf of its clients.

The immediate value experienced by the agency's clients extends beyond the capabilities of Ignite alone, encompassing the perceived value derived from Teft Media's innovative and integrated suite of services.

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