Activate On Your Earned First-Party Data


With Ignite, you have complete ownership of all first-party marketing data, including information about your website visitors.


This invaluable data can elevate your sales opportunities through:

Digital advertising campaigns

Unlock the full potential of your digital advertising with Ignite, seamlessly serving ads across platforms like Google and Facebook. Your Ignite contacts become valuable assets, allowing you to market effectively while retaining clear attribution to their original source. What makes Ignite truly stand out is its unique pricing structure. Unlike other tools, Ignite doesn't bundle ad costs, giving you the freedom to extend lead impact across multiple platforms without additional expenses. This flexibility ensures that every dollar spent delivers maximum value, amplifying your marketing impact for less.

Connected TV advertising

With Ignite, engage more site traffic and capture accurate lead data. Forget disappointing lead profiles cluttering your CRM with bogus info. Visitor profiles seamlessly convert into leads with a simple tap, sent directly to your CRM with detailed behavior and accurate contact information.

Direct mail

With Ignite, you can stay top of mind by following up via direct mail with visitors to your website. Direct mail can reach a wider audience, unaffected by the limitations of search engines, social media platforms, or daily online usage. Additionally, direct mail remains effective for weeks, whereas emails may go unread or bounce if the recipient changes their address.

Customer Loyalty Emails

Follow up with visitors through timely and targeted automated email marketing with Ignite. This channel boasts impressive open rates of 50%, demonstrating its effectiveness. Email marketing can re-engage website visitors already interested in your brand and significantly influence their purchasing decisions.

Text Based ChatAI

With Ignite, effortlessly automate SMS messages to website visitors and keep them engaged with AI-powered content. Schedule appointments and maintain shopper interest with targeted text messages using Text-Based ChatAI by Launch Labs. Quickly qualify leads, set up appointments, and seamlessly add them to your CRM, helping your sales team stay ahead and close more deals.

Modeled Audiences

Leverage your shopper data for targeted marketing with Launch Labs' modeled audiences. Unlike advertisers using third-party data, we prioritize first-party data, ensuring precise targeting amid the phase-out of third-party cookies. Embrace Ignite's data-driven approach to convert every visitor into a potential customer, driving significant revenue growth for your business.

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