Mattress Retailer Case Study

I honestly can't say enough good things about Launch Labs. The onboarding process was super easy and smooth. Even before launching campaigns, we're gaining valuable insights. Ignite is clear and simple, intuitive even.

Marketing Lead

Mattress Retailer

Mattress Retailer Case Study


The retailer was dissatisfied with the outcomes from their existing retargeting strategy, which was plagued by low-quality traffic and soaring bounce rates. Seeking a solution, they decided to evaluate Ignite against the tools and engagement approach in place across three key markets—Philadelphia, Raleigh, and Charlotte.


Meeting the challenge head-on, Launch Labs helped conduct a side-by-side test of Ignite against the retailer's traditional display retargeting strategy. 

Ignite utilized custom analytics to predict shoppers’ interests and identify specific products for dynamic reengagement through on-site engagement offers, email, SMS, on-site retargeting, and dynamic landing pages. The outcome was clear-cut—the retailer opted to proceed with Ignite.

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