Revolutionize Visitor Identification and Collection with Ignite


With Ignite, you can effortlessly collect invaluable visitor information without intrusive forms or tracking, gaining deep insights into your audience while respecting their privacy.

Unlike other visitor identification software, our unique data collection methodology yields industry-leading results. We boast an 80% success rate in resolving residents whose location we can identify. At Launch Labs, we’ve reimagined geolocation tracking with our proprietary technology, Ignite. Instead of traditional methods, Ignite uses user-consented GPS data (those location request popups) to deliver unmatched accuracy and reliability through precise latitude and longitude based location resolution.


Geolocation Methodology

Our geolocation methodology involves a four-step process that ensures the highest quality data:

The visitor only shares consented, non-PII geolocation data with us.


High-Accuracy GPS Measurement

With Ignite, you will collect more information from your website users without forcing them to fill out a form, engage visitors with personalized content, and convert leads with compelling offers.


Data Verification and Enhancement

We validate the accuracy of each GPS measurement and enhance it with additional contextual information.


Location Mapping

Using proprietary algorithms continuously refined for enhanced accuracy, we map your visitors’ locations. The more interactions they have on your site, the more precise their location becomes, unlocking opportunities for laser-focused targeting and personalized experiences.


Resident Identification

We match the address data with public records and marketing databases to identify current residents and their interests, transforming it into actionable addressable household data.

Embrace the Future of Marketing with Launch Labs

By integrating Ignite by Launch Labs into your marketing strategy, your business can access unparalleled insights into your audience and drive meaningful interactions. From personalized messaging to targeted advertising, our approach enables marketers to unlock the full potential of location-based data while maintaining compliance and privacy standards.
As the marketing landscape evolves, embracing innovative solutions is essential for staying ahead of the curve. Ignite prioritizes accuracy, compliance, and customer consent, allowing your business to harness the power of location data and addressable household data to turn the right audience into loyal customers.
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