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Ignite from Launch Labs
a powerfully simple technology that tells you who's on your website, what they are shopping for, and when they're ready to buy it. It ignites all of your current organic and paid website traffic allowing you to do more with less. 



Understand Your Prospects

Ignite is a powerfully simple technology that unlocks opportunities for you and your team by enhancing what you are already doing at your dealership. Ignite is a new technology layer you add to your dealership's website to help you better understand WHO is on your website, WHAT they are interested in and WHEN they are ready to buy. Most 'technology platforms' don't perform as promised and require more work and steps for your team. Ignite is different. 


Earn more from your media

You've already paid for it. Now get paid for it. You've already invested the money in advertising, now make it truly work for you. Ignite works day and night to learn everything it can about your visitors and determines the when and how to engage them for the most benefit to you. All with no additional work for you and your team!

Here's What You Get

Analytics Engine

Analytics Engine

Our analytics engine is the heart of the Ignite platform. It is built to engage with your website visitors in real-time to deliver higher return visitors and conversions leading to more sales for your dealership. It will also deliver live rich insights on each website visitor to better inform future campaigns.

Engagement Engine

Engagement Engine

Ignite takes the analytics website data from your website and combines it with our proprietary AI data to instantly deliver dynamic creative that is tailored to who is ready to buy today vs. people who are just looking. It keeps your sales team focused on the right activity at the right time.

Creative Engine

Creative Engine

Turn anyone at your dealership into a professional graphic designer by leveraging the Ignite Creative Engine. In seconds, you can create, build, and leverage dynamic custom creative across all points of engagement. You can change offers and backgrounds in one place in seconds.

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Our customers ❤️ us

“Over the last 40 years owning dealerships, I have explored nearly every option in marketing. We have been able to reduce our marketing spend while increasing sales and lowering down cost per sale since we implemented the Ignite platform from Launch Labs. ”

“I got more than 475 new Honda leads for month of April in 2021 directly from the Ignite platform. We were able to sell 20% of those leads as new cars. I wish I had Ignite sooner. They should be charging more for this!”                                                           

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Mission-ready Technology


A Boston-area Nissan dealership struggled with traffic landing on their website and failing to convert


The dealership engaged Launch Labs to assist with their missed opportunities and installed the Ignite audience engagement platform on their website


Total lead count for the dealership increased 14% month over month. 62% of engaged traffic returned to the website after receiving an offer.


A Nevada area Kia dealership was interested in increasing their sales volume without spending extra money on advertising


The dealership installed the Ignite Audience Engagement platform on their website and supplied compelling offers targeted to their top audiences


Month over month sales count increased by 20 units. Ignite's offline sales attribution credited platform engagements with touching 21 of the sales that month


An Atlanta-area Honda dealer wanted to get more from their existing advertising spend, their primary focus was increasing sales volume


The dealership installed the Ignite Audience Engagement platform on their website and supplied compelling offers targeted to their top audiences


More than $44,500 in sales revenue was attributed to the platform and over $14,500 in additional service revenue


Big Changes Are Coming

With major changes in consumer privacy, the ways that you advertise and reach your customers today may not work tomorrow


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Need clarification?

How do you integrate with my website?

All of our data collection and engagement features are made possible with the installation of a single script or tag that is added to all pages of your website. Most website companies can add this easily in just a few minutes.

Do you use cookies?


Like most websites on the internet, our platform relies on first party cookies to categorize and engage your website visitors. First party cookies are different from third party cookies, that have been the subject of new privacy restrictions.


Can I change my plan later?

Yes, you are free to upgrade or downgrade between our different plans.

What is so great about the Pro plan?

The Pro plan allows you to leverage the click stream data, available in our free plan, to engage your website traffic.

For the first time ever, you can directly act on your website's analytics!