Marketing in the Age of Intelligence

Eric Grabowski
Director of Automotive
April 11, 2024
April 10, 2024

In the age of Artificial Intelligence, marketing is becoming more human. At least, effective marketing is. It might sound like a paradox, but AI-powered marketing can help you bring a more human touch to the customer journey and sales process.

Merchant sites that want to generate traffic and leads by connecting with shoppers on a human level are looking for technology tools that:

  • Personalize the customer experience. According to Hubspot, 75% of marketers believe a personalized experience increases sales and boosts the likelihood that a contact will become a repeat customer.
  • Leverage first-party data to understand shoppers and their needs. With the demise of 3rd party cookies, first-party data is the best and most reliable resource to build a useful customer profile.
  • Offer dynamic content at scale. AI can create product recommendations, on-site offers and target reviews that match what the customer is looking for.

While technology is capable of all this, some tools miss the mark. Either they focus on maximizing reach at the expense of quality, or they create a single snapshot of the customer that doesn’t evolve with the customer needs.

These pitfalls become obvious if you’ve ever searched for something once and then got ads for that product for days or weeks. How many waffle irons can one person possibly need?

What merchants need is a smart solution with a human touch. Call it the intelligent side of artificial intelligence. See how effective AI can be for your sales process. Book your Ignite by LaunchLabs demo today.

Ignite AI Marketing To Generate Traffic and Leads

Ignite by LaunchLabs uses artificial intelligence to gather more information from each visitor, such as their name, address, and interests, without requiring them to fill out a form. It leverages first-party data to automatically engage shoppers and turn them into customers.

From the moment shoppers land on your website, AI is gathering details about what they want, like, and need. Then it turns that intelligence into customized offers. Whether they engage through SMS, ads, email, or on your website, customers get a personalized experience at every touchpoint.

Know Your Customers Better With Each Visit to Your Site

AI powered personalization across the entire customer lifecycle delivers 3x return on investment or more for marketers. So Ignite doesn’t just build a profile for first-time customers. It re-evaluates shopper interest every time that shopper returns to your site. That means customers get a personalized experience whether it’s their first visit or their 50th.

Target Onsite Offers To Perfectly Fit Your Shoppers

Web pages are not printed sales catalogs. They can and should change to match the needs and interests of the customer. Ignite’s AI powered product recommendations make sure customers see the offers and information most relevant to them. Offers, reviews and details can be location specific, shopper specific and hyper-personalized to the visitor.

Send Email Offers Customers Can’t Resist

When a shopper entrusts your brand with their email address, they want more than generalized offers and bland newsletters. First-party data from Ignite can hyper-personalize emails for each customer through dynamic content. This might include personalized images, a map to the closest retail location, or product recommendations. The best part is that Ignite is a fully integrated solution for crafting emails, texts and ads personalized to your customers.

Respond Efficiently to Close the Sale

Customers have lots of options. If you leave them waiting they may move on to a competitor. AI tools make your marketing more efficient, so sales teams can focus on . With Ignite, not only can sales teams reach out quickly, they also have the knowledge they need to make the customer a compelling offer.

Add the Human Touch To Your AI Marketing With Ignite

Customers today expect to quickly find the information and offers they want. One-size-fits all marketing and static web pages just don’t offer the human touch customers expect. Bring AI marketing into your customer journey with Ignite by Launchlabs.

Our users have achieved a 60% increase in website visitors, generated hundreds of new leads, and boosted their visitor return rate. Imagine what Ignite can do for you. Actually, there’s no need to imagine when you can schedule a demo and see for yourself.

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