Your First 90 Days with Ignite: A Guide to Success

Bill Reidy
VP of Sales
March 1, 2024
February 23, 2024

Ready to ignite your sales and transform website visitors into loyal customers? In the next 90 days, we're taking you on a transformative journey and unveiling the secrets to leveraging Ignite to its fullest potential for your business.

Here’s how to get ready for takeoff during your first three months on the platform:

Month 1: Fuel Your Sales Engine

Set Expectations

While Ignite starts generating leads from day one, sales conversions can take more than 30 days. Remember, we're dealing with anonymous shoppers researching options. Ignite builds momentum by identifying website visitors and their top interests. This then fuels targeted promotions with specific offers, typically driving a 10-15% conversion rate back to your site. This re-engagement leads to longer visits, more page views, and ultimately, higher conversion rates for you.

Dive Into Data

Once Ignite’s launched, you’ll receive weekly data-driven insights. Your Performance Reports share four key metrics that ensure the platform is yielding strong results:

  1. Engagement rate: Remember those anonymous website visitors who slip away unconverted? Ignite brings them back! Track your engagement rate to see how many are captured (think 35% or more!) with personalized offers. This sparks their interest and ignites their journey down the conversion funnel.
  2. Traffic score: This is where visitors go from curious clicks to deep dives. The Traffic Score measures how engaged those captured visitors become. Imagine them exploring your website, spending more time, visiting more pages, and returning for more. The higher the score, the deeper they dive, signifying their growing interest and readiness to convert.
  3. Email performance: Ignite sends dynamic offers tailored to each shopper's specific interests. Track the CTR in your weekly reports. We’re aiming for 10% or higher! This metric shows how compelling your offers are and how effectively they are driving visitors back to your site. You’ll really start to see Ignite’s power here.
  4. Lead conversions: The ultimate goal is transforming browsers into buyers. Ignite tracks leads sent to your CRM and even breaks down performance by offer. While conversions might not explode in your first month on the platform, expect tremendous growth in the next 60 days as nurtured shoppers reach their buying decision.

Don't just track your Performance Reports. Take action! Use these insights to refine your offers and personalize your emails.

Month 2: Optimize & Amplify Ignite’s Impact

Amp Up Your Offers

Remember those anonymous visitors browsing your site 30 days ago? Ignite has been identifying visitors and storing their interests by category. Now it’s prime time to revisit your offers and craft them to be more attractive than ever.

How? By diving into the Audience files under your settings you can learn more about the interests of each segment, allowing you to tailor effective offers. Think targeted deals, specifically designed to ignite interest and accelerate sales. Don't be afraid to get creative! Offers are like rockets: fuel them with compelling benefits to blast past competition**.**

Updating offers is easy with Ignite.. So go ahead, flex your creative muscles and craft irresistible offers!

Unlock Repeat Purchases

It’s time to reignite the spark by effortlessly reconnecting with happy customers. Ignite's built-in Customer Loyalty Module lets you seamlessly reconnect and transform previous buyers into loyal brand advocates.

Think of it like this: They already know and love you, and they're back on your site. Ignite rekindles their interest with personalized offers based on their previous purchases. It's a win-win for everyone!

Effortlessly import your past customer data into the Customer Loyalty Module. This built-in secret weapon automatically attracts repeat purchases, boosting your Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) without any heavy lifting. Start reaping the rewards of loyal customers.

Month 3: A Masterclass in Sustaining Momentum

Keep Your Traffic Coming

Keeping your fire ablaze requires feeding it fuel. In Ignite's case, that fuel is website traffic. The more visitors you attract, the more conversions you’ll generate. Don't let damp, irrelevant offers douse your fire's potential. Refresh your offerings regularly, keeping them enticing and targeted.

The more traffic you attract, the more opportunities Ignite has to work its magic. Relevant offers act as kindling, sparking engagement and turning casual browsers into loyal customers. Offers are the key to maximizing platform performance and watching those conversions consistently climb.

Review, Refine & Recharge

In your third month, it's time for another round of platform optimization. Building on the insights gleaned in month two, let's dive back into your performance data.

Focus on the fundamentals: We'll revisit key metrics like engagement rate, offer performance, and lead conversions, ensuring Ignite continues to deliver maximum value. This allows us to identify areas for fine-tuning, ensuring your offers perfectly align with your inventory levels and sales goals.

Dynamic evolution: Remember, your target audience is constantly evolving. By consistently reviewing and updating your offers, you stay ahead of the curve, keeping them engaged and moving down the conversion funnel.

This collaborative review process isn't just about checking boxes; it's about unlocking Ignite's full potential. Think of it as a strategic tune-up, propelling your marketing efforts to new heights.

Build Your Data Powerhouse

Unlock the true power of Ignite by integrating your sales data and activating the Sales Attribution Report. This report reveals precise insights into how Ignite influences every step of your customer journey, from initial interest to sale**.**

See it all: Track lead conversions, sales conversions, and how Ignite nurtures prospects down the funnel. Gain crystal-clear understanding of the platform's direct impact on your bottom line.

Supercharge Ignite With Powerful Modules

Ignite has three modules designed to optimize performance, unlock deeper insights, and boost your ROI:

  1. Conversion Hub: Think of the Conversion Hub as a convenient on-the-go information hub for your mobile site visitors. This static banner offers easy access to key details, influencing shoppers early in their buying journey. It's the perfect add-on to fuel conversion opportunities wherever they browse.
  2. Post-Offer Claim Qualifier Surveys: Refine your leads and go beyond basic conversions with targeted surveys triggered upon offer claims. Popular surveys like "Purchase Time Frame" empower your CRM with valuable insights, helping you nurture leads and accelerate sales.
  3. Activating Audiences: Leverage Ignite's first-party data to craft laser-focused re-marketing campaigns. Your Audience files are constantly updated in the platform to reveal each shopper's top interests. This means you can tailor offers with exceptional precision. Seamlessly export them to platforms like Google, Meta, and even direct mail, then watch your engagement soar.

Your third month on Ignite is the perfect time to start going above and beyond. Only 90 days in, you will achieve so much, kickstarting the transformation of your website into the sales engine you’ve always wanted.

And this is just the beginning with Ignite!

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