Help Thousands of Local Businesses Market Better 

Launch Labs is committed to changing marketing for our customers. We provide powerfully simple technology that transparently and efficiently moves the needle for local businesses across the country. We deliver awesome for our customers and we need your help.

We believe that in order to deliver an amazing product to our customers, we must be an amazing employer. That means offering generous perks to attract top-tier talent. Sound good? Read on...

Singular Focus

Laser Focus on a Single Product

When new members join Launch Labs, they frequently describe the experience as "refreshing". Many of them have worked elsewhere supporting many different products and services. The constant switching between all of that is exhausting. 

So turn the alerts off. We have one product, one focus, a clearly articulated vision, and we do work that matters. 

Fair Compensation

Our minimum wage is $75,000/yr

The problems we are solving require focus and attention. If our staff is worried about paying their bills, their focus will be elsewhere. By compensating our staff fairly, we get better work and build a better product.

Operating this way is better for our company, our clients, and our team. It just makes sense. 

Paid well
Small Team
Grow Your Role

Small Team Forever

We never want to throw people at problems. Rather than be an ok employer for a bunch of people we will always be a great employer for a few people.

That means there's always the opportunity to grow your role and your compensation as the company grows -by the way, we are growing really fast.

To help you grow in your role we offer regular 1 on 1 consultation and mentorship for our team, with experts from a variety of disciplines.

The Rest of the Benefits

All the standard stuff. Just better.



We cover 100% of health insurance costs for employees, spouses, and dependents. This means no insurance deductions from your paycheck.



We've flipped the script on 401K. Instead of the usual employer match, we CONTRIBUTE 10% of employee's salary to the 401k plan. We strongly encourage employees to match this contribution.


Unlimited PTO & Vacation

Do great work and take as much time off as you want. Simple. We are a results-based company and don't feel like keeping track of your days off. We don't worry about it, neither should you.


Remote Work + Flex Time

While most of our team is based in North Carolina, we don't care if you work from home or another state. We also don't enforce specific work hours, we want you to work the schedule that makes you most productive.

Available Positions

Sorry, we are not currently hiring

But wait - Feel free to send us your resume and tell us a little about yourself. We will get in touch if something comes available. Also, sometimes we create positions for exceptional candidates.