The simple tool to move metrics

Ignite, from Launch Labs, provides you with a powerful platform that improves your advertising and website performance to unlock hidden sales. With Ignite, there is no additional ad spend and it enhances everything you’re already doing with your website and advertising partners.

What's even better? It works 24/7 and doesn't require extra work from you and your staff. 


Advanced analytics make it possible, powerful features make it matter

Our advanced analytics platform precisely segments your audiences at a granular level based on what they do on your website. It can automatically and dynamically engage with your website shoppers to uncover hidden sales and keep them from choosing your competition.

Ignite Analytics Engine

Our clickstream data and events engine is at the heart of the platform. Its audience analysis and segmentation paired with deep learning of website content drives meaningful engagement across your website.

Ignite Engagement Engine

Instantly deliver dynamic creative through on-site engagements on-site retargeting, email and SMS messaging based on their unique user profile and audience score which informs us is the visitors propensity to purchase

1-Tap Leads

70% of website traffic comes from a mobile device, yet only 23% of leads come from a mobile device. You are missing out on significant lead volume from your mobile website traffic. 1-tap lead technology erases the issues with mobile conversion.

Sales Attribution

Know how many sales are being generated from the Ignite platform - No more guess work connecting vanity metrics from your different vendors to the metrics that matter to you. We include 6 different attribution models if you want to get fancy.

Smart Pixel For Advertising

Finally a way to leverage your website traffic and uniquely deliver rich media ads through Facebook, Instagram, and Google. Our “Smart Pixel” combines and generates granular audience segmentation to help you maximize the impact of your social campaigns.

Creative Engine

With our Creative Engine anyone can be a graphic designer. More than 65,000 vehicle images and 500 backgrounds and event logos you can create rich Custom-looking creative in minutes and help meet the challenges of the real-time needs of clients and your business.

Meaningful metrics, delivered


A Boston-area Nissan dealership struggled with traffic landing on their website and failing to convert


The dealership engaged Launch Labs to assist with their missed opportunities and installed the Ignite audience engagement platform on their website


Total lead count for the dealership increased 14% month over month. 62% of engaged traffic returned to the website after receiving an offer.


A Nevada area Kia dealership was interested in increasing their sales volume without spending extra money on advertising


The dealership installed the Ignite Audience Engagement platform on their website and supplied compelling offers targeted to their top audiences


Month over month sales count increased by 20 units. Ignite's offline sales attribution credited platform engagements with touching 21 of the sales that month


An Atlanta-area Honda dealer wanted to get more from their existing advertising spend, their primary focus was increasing sales volume


The dealership installed the Ignite Audience Engagement platform on their website and supplied compelling offers targeted to their top audiences


More than $44,500 in sales revenue was attributed to the platform and over $14,500 in additional service revenue


Need clarification?

How do you integrate with my website?

All of our data collection and engagement features are made possible with the installation of a single script or tag that is added to all pages of your website. Most website companies can add this easily in just a few minutes.

Do you use cookies?


Like most websites on the internet, our platform relies on first party cookies to categorize and engage your website visitors. First party cookies are different from third party cookies, that have been the subject of new privacy restrictions.


Can I change my plan later?

Yes, you are free to upgrade or downgrade between our different plans.

What is so great about the Pro plan?

The Pro plan allows you to leverage the click stream data, available in our free plan, to engage your website traffic.

For the first time ever, you can directly act on your website's analytics!

A tool that does what it says