Launch Labs: A thoughtful work experiment

How to hire and retain employees during the Great Resignation - The Launch Labs strategy of taking care of employees who take care of our clients.

Who we are

Launch Labs was founded by a group of people with a common idea: work doesn't need to suck. And it doesn't need to exist inside a storm of chaos. For the founders and our employees, we'd rather work for a reason than for a living. We set out to build a company that gives people complete autonomy to do their best work in a way that best suits them. When we invest in the health and happiness of our employees from the very beginning, we are paving the way not to just survive. But to thrive.

All of us have worked for different organizations in the past. And we saw some things that worked and, well, many things that didn't. Meetings for meeting sake, positions that didn't need to exist, people too busy playing internal politics to add any real top-line value, endless pings and notifications at all hours. Since starting Launch Labs, we wanted to be very disciplined and focused. Not just about building out a great product in an entirely new category, but also how we wanted to build the business. We didn't want all the nonsense we've experienced in the past. And we wanted to build a highly scalable business versus a high-growth business. What's the difference? A highly scalable business is all about adding revenue at a rapid rate while adding resources at an incremental rate. A high-growth business adds human resources at the same rate that you're adding revenue. So far, our little thoughtful work experiment is working. Quite well actually. We'll come back here and post future observations about our little experiment. Let me share some of the cool things we're doing now.

What's our vision

Launch Labs exists to Ignite Visitor Engagement. We do this through building Powerfully Simple Marketing Technology. In the early days of Launch Labs, we sat down to discuss what our company values and core focus would be. All of our decisions are made with thoughtful intention. We didn't want to get five years down the road and then think to ourselves, "Oh yeah, we should probably write some of this down..." We wanted to be aligned from the beginning. This way, every employee we hire and every person we do business with has a clear understanding of who we are and what is important to us.

Our Values: We empower people & partners to achieve effective outcomes. We accomplish this through constant improvement and curiosity-driven innovation. We care deeply about positive results for all people in our orbit. Whether they are employees, customers, partners, or vendors. When you're in our orbit, you matter.

How we work

At Launch Labs, we do it the right way or not at all. This extends from our product to our hiring. Having a clearly articulated purpose and a singular product gives our employees the breathing room they need to do their best work while escaping the constant dings of notifications. We align our tasks to clear and measurable results. This provides a singular focus and creates tremendous value for our customers and our employees. We want the best for our customers and our employees. So in addition to providing a singular focus we made the decision to pay all our employees a minimum salary of $75k per year. This is good for our employees. And, well, good for our customers. It keeps them focused on solving complex problems and creating really cool products. Not worrying about paying the light bill. Other perks that just make sense to us are things like unlimited PTO, remote work, and flex time. We operate based on trust, transparency, and listening to the needs of our employees and our customers. We're constantly seeking to exceed expectations with thoughtful solutions that surprise and delight.

How you can join us

Currently, our company is growing at a brisk pace. We want to hire excellent employees and empower them to think and solve problems in a truly scalable way. Does this sound like the place for you? Check out our jobs page, learn more about us, and view the available positions we have. We also aren't shy about creating a job for the right person.

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